Advanced, XL Family

RIO Configuration Utility

The RIO Configuration Utility gives you a simple interface for testing and configuring your Coyote DataCom RIO module.


The configuration utility configures your RIO device through one of the PC's serial ports. Few PCs these days are produced with serial ports built-in, so in a typical setup, you will need to have added a serial port with a USB-to-serial adapter.

Although it is possible to hook an RIO device directly to a PC's serial port, a more typical setup involves hooking the serial port to a data radio. The data radio then communicates, wirelessly, to another data radio that is connected to the RIO device.


When connecting to an RIO device over a wireless connection, keep in mind that you are potentially connected to every RIO device within range, not just the device that is the closest to your PC.

It is extremely important that you keep every RIO device configured to a unique address at all times.

Configuration Utility

Once connected to an RIO device, the configuration utility gives you an easy way to: