Documents and downloadable software:
  • Configuration utilities
  • Integrated development environment (IDE)
  • System's integrator's guides
  • Product warranty information
  • User manuals
  • Specification sheets
  • Mechanical details

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Firmware Releases
Firmware releases are not available as public downloads. Instead, download the corresponding configuration utility. Configuration utilities that support field-upgrades will download any available updates directly.

Advanced, XL Radios

View online XL family documentation (online)
.pdf file CDR-9150XL product specification
.pdf file CDR-9150XLM product specification
.pdf file CDR-915XL product specification
.pdf file CDR-915XLM product specification
.pdf file CDR-915LXL product specification
.pdf file CDR-915LXLM product specification
.pdf file SCADA Pro 900XL product specification
.pdf file CDR-9150XL mechanicals
.pdf file CDR-915XL mechanicals

Standard Radios

.zip file Standard radio configuration utility
.pdf file CDR-9150 module product specification
.pdf file CDR-915 module product specification
.pdf file CDR-915L module product specification
.pdf file CDR-9150M modem product specification
.pdf file CDR-915M modem product specification
.pdf file CDR-915LM modem product specification
.pdf file SCADA Pro 900 product specification
.pdf file CDR-9150/CDR-9150M user manual
.pdf file CDR-915 user manual
.pdf file CDR-915L user manual
.pdf file CDR-915M user manual
.pdf file CDR-915LM user manual
.pdf file SCADA Pro 900 user manual
.pdf file CDR-9150 mechanicals
.pdf file CDR-915 mechanicals
.pdf file CDR-915L mechanicals

RIO Product Family

.exe file RIO-28 IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
View online RIO family documentation (online)
View online IDE documentation (online)
.pdf file RIO-9H mechanicals

Interface Cards

.pdf file Combination RS-232 / RS-485 Interface Card User Manual
.pdf file Interface Card Mechanicals


View online Warranty information (online)

Application Notes

View online Applications for our wireless technology (online)
View online What receiver sensitivity and transmit power should mean to you (online)
View online Programming a RIO-28 to act as a mirror master (online)
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