We carry a wide line of data-acquisition
products, data radios, and radio accessories:
  • Data-acquisition products allow you to remotely sense, control, or "mirror" external signals
  • Our radios send serial data over long distances and integrate seamlessly with our data-acquisition products
  • We also carry a variety of radio accessories such as antennas, cables, and computer interfaces

OEM Modules
OEM modules are caseless devices. These are bare boards that can be easily integrated into your own product.
Wireless OEM Modules:
Our embedded radio products are a simple way to add connectivity to your product or project without running a cable. They can handle standard serial data at speeds of up to 57.6k baud and transmit line-of-sight distances of up to 30 miles!  (Made in the USA)

Our radios cycle through shared frequencies, so there is no need for you to file any paperwork with the FCC or IC. Just power them up and you're ready to go!

Wireless Packaged Modems:
Not developing your own product? Or do you need to connect a data radio to a PC or other serial device? Our cased modems use the same field-proven technology as our OEM modules, but come pre-packaged and ready-to-use straight out of the box.  (Made in the USA)

SCADA I/O Modules:
Whether you have a few external signals or a lot, we have a data-acquisition unit to fit your needs. Each module responds to simple Modbus I/O External link commands and allows you to control outputs or monitor inputs.  (Made in the USA)

Each module includes, or can be easily connected to, any of our radio modules; and many include mirroring features.

Radio Accessories:
We stock a variety of radio accessories, such as antennas, cables, lightning suppressors, and serial interface boards.