Looking to include wireless in your next product?
We work with your company to create seamlessly-integrated wireless solutions. Here are just a few of the benefits we deliver to our partners:
  • Proven wireless designs
  • Low-cost wireless integration into your product
  • Reasonable licensing fees for single-board integrated solutions
  • No FCC testing fees required when integrating our pre-approved modules

Our hardware and software designers average over 20 years of industry-proven experience.

Analog Circuit Design

Do you need a custom power supply, audio filters, or battery charger? We can do all these designs for you, and more!

RF Circuit Design

Have specialized RF needs that can't be met with off-the-shelf products? We can design FCC/IC-compliant spread spectrum, conventional, and narrow band radios that operate at frequencies up to 2.5 GHz.

Digital/Embedded Circuit Design

Are you wasting money by embedding expensive hardware in your products? We can help you reduce your per-piece costs by replacing embedded PCs with customer-specific digital controller designs.

Firmware & Software

We can create or modify embedded firmware to best suit your needs. We can even create custom PC applications to test, communicate with, and configure your embedded systems.

CAD & Production

Don't hire new employees or buy expensive tools to do your design work. We will offload your schematic capture and PCB layout needs both quickly and cheaply. We can even do your circuit design analysis and ISO 9002 production!


We've been through the FCC and DOC certification process many times; and can help get your products approved fast!

Atmel AVR Consultant

Coyote DataCom is proud to be a registered AVR Consultant. Bring us your embedded needs and we will find you an AVR solution.
Call us at 916-933-9981 to discuss your specific needs.