RIO-28 Programmable I/O Module:
The RIO-28 Programmable I/O Module provides an easy way to read and control analog and digital signals. In many instances, it can completely eliminate the need for an RTU at remote points.
  • Transient & over-voltage protection on all I/O
  • Can operate as standalone or in a mirror mode
  • 32-bit counter on each input is saved, even through power outages
  • Made in the USA
In addition to standalone and mirror modes, the RIO-28 Programmable I/O Module can execute code that you create with our Integrated Development Environment (IDE). These programs can automate many tasks that might be done manually or with a PC or RTU.
User programs can also give your I/O module the ability to communicate with other devices. Connect the RIO to a cellular modem, for example, and have your program send an SMS to indicate an error condition!

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Download the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) now and see what the programmability can add to your site! You can write programs in either a C-like language or with our easy-to-use flowchart editor.

The IDE even includes a simulator/debugger that lets you develop your applications before you even purchase a RIO-28!

Key Benefits

  • Low cost - replaces much more expensive hardware
  • Compatible with our advanced (XL) OEM radio modules
  • 9 - 14 V and 10 - 28 V options available
  • Wireless*, RS-232, or RS-485 interface
  • DIN rail or panel mounting
  • 7 analog inputs (12-bit A/D converts 0 - 20 mA)
  • Supply voltage monitoring
  • 4 analog output channels (12-bit D/A converts to 0 - 20 mA)
  • Analog Flex inputs can be used as digital inputs
  • Multiple analog conversion scales available
  • 8 open-collector (solid state form A) digital outputs
  • 8 optically isolated inputs
  • Configuration and outputs saved on power loss
  • 20 LED status indicators for easy debugging
  • Programmable baud rate and parity
  • External RS-232/485 port may be tied to other sensors and share the internal radio (if equiped)
  • Powerful Windows®-based configuration software (screen shot)
  • Powerful Windows®-based IDE software (screen shot)
* Radio module sold separately

Modbus Interface Features

  • 7 channels of 12-bit A/D read from input registers 1 through 7 (30001 - 30007)
  • Digitally calibrated
  • Supply voltage read from input register 8 (30008)
  • 8 channels of isolated digital inputs read as status inputs 1 through 8 (10001 - 10008)
  • 4 channels of analog output written as holding registers 161 through 164 (40161 - 40164)
  • 8 channels open-collector outputs written as coils 1 through 8 (00001 - 00008)
  • 8 input channels with pre-settable 32-bit pulse counters for AMR applications
  • Modbus address may be set electronically, without physical access to the unit
  • On-board LEDs indicate status, poll, response, I/O state, and error, simplifying problem diagnosis
  • RTU interface protocol

Mirroring Interface Features

  • All I/Os can be mirrored
  • User mapping of I/O across multiple units
  • User-configurable failsafe modes
  • Supports Modbus commands and executes user program, even in mirroring mode

Ordering Information

Model Description Single Piece
RIO-28 Programmable I/O Module RIO-28 Programmable I/O module with mirroring capability.
9 - 14 V operation (radio & antenna sold separately).
OPT-28 10 - 28 V operation option add $22
OPT-PROG User-programming key* add $99
* The programming key can be downloaded over the internet and does not require factory-installation.

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