CDR-9150XLM Advanced Spread-
Spectrum Data Radio Modem:

The CDR-9150XLM is a high-performance spread-spectrum data radio modem. It is FCC part 15.247 and Industry Canada RSS-210 approved.

The CDR-9150XLM radio modem features 1000 mW of transmit power, the maximum allowed for license-free radios.

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Key Benefits

  • Low cost
  • 1000 mW transmit power
  • 8 - 448 bit data encryption
  • 30 miles line-of-sight distance
  • Automatic interference avoidance
  • Serial interface
  • Transparent operation
  • Site survey spectrum analyzer mode
  • Signal path quality test mode
  • No FCC paperwork required
  • Country mode setting
  • Advanced configuration wizard
  • Advanced smart mode for integrators
  • Free on-line firmware updates
  • 9 - 28 V operation standard
  • Can act as a system repeater and endpoint simultaneously
  • Fast throughput (50 kbps RF data rate, 57.6 k max. serial baud)
  • Powerful Windows®-based configuration software (screen shot)
  • Powerful Windows®-based path management software (screen shot)
  • Guaranteed point-to-point, or broadcast data delivery modes


  • HVAC Control
  • Vending
  • SCADA Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Industrial Controls
  • Field Area Networks
  • Camera Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Control
  • Electronic Signs
  • Scoreboard remote control

Ordering Information

Model Description Single Piece
No image available CDR-9150XLM-USB Spread-spectrum data radio modem with USB interface (antenna is not included) $455
CDR-9150XLM radio modem CDR-9150XLM-232/485 Spread-spectrum data radio modem with RS-232 and RS-485 interface (antenna is not included) $455

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